Special Events

Special events, weddings and party planning on St Barts

Your party, birthday, anniversary or simply that special vacation on St Barts will be organized down to the smallest detail by our team of expert planners here at Premium IV.

Premium IV has done this before, on St Barts, dozens of times and can source you the venue, the food, the drink, the staff, the music, the photographers, the lights, the equipment in next to no time.

We only work with professionals on St Barts who we have tried and we trust.

Everything from party hats, to security, fireworks, musicians and dancers.

From a wedding for hundreds of guests, to a child's birthday party, to some flowers and champagne for your loved one, to a picnic on a beach, to a quiet evening among friends.

Film & Photo Shoot Production

Photo and film shoot production on St Barts

 As a professional concierge company Premium IV can help you with your St Barts Film and Photoshoot production, acting as bilingual personal assistants to your production team.

Production facilities are limited on St Barts however as your Concierge, Premium IV will assist in providing you with most things you will need to make your filming or photoshoot on St Barts a success.

  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Rental vehicles
  • Transfer services
  • Boat charters
  • Laundry and pressing
  • Stylists
  • Hair and make-up
  • Any miscellaneous items you may need

We know St Barts inside out, so if you need a hand with finding locations, just let us know.

Unfortunately we cannot help you with the more technical aspects of production, however, given the limited facilities on St Barts, most people bring their own experts.

Special Event Lighting

Lighting and Lighting effects for St Barts Special Events

With access to full range of theater lighting equipment on St Barts we deliver tailor-made lighting solutions for unforgettable moments.

From St Barts Destination weddings to parties, presentations and shows, Premium IV can create an event on St Barts that you will never forget.

Security & Bodyguards

Security and bodyguards on St Barts

Whatever your need or reason for Security on St Barts, doormen, crowd control or simply peace of mind; we can can provide professional and reliable security for you and your entourage on St Barts upon request.

Even though St Barts is a very exclusive and safe place to be,  people coming to our island expect the same security standards they are used to at home.

May it be a wedding, photo shoot, protection from paparazzi, a concert, a party or simply a night out in town, we can make sure that you are in safe hands all around the clock with minimum inconvenience.

The security we provide is discreet and highly efficient.

We provide:

  • Personal Security and bodyguards
  • Crowd Control
  • Equipment coverage
  • Wedding Security
  • Villa Security
  • Yacht Security


Photography and Photographers on St Barts

Premium IV can provide you with the perfect photographer for any occasion. From a wedding to a party, to family groups and portraits.st barts photographers.

We know which St Barts photographers specialize in which field and can advise you on the best choice.

Musicians and DJs

Whatever your event might be, Premium IV St Barts can get you a large variety of DJs, musicians and artists ranging from local island performers to bands from neighboring islands and of course performing artists from the US, South America and Europe.

We have contacts with big name promoters, so well known artists and groups can also be organized.

Flowers and Florists

Flowers and Florists on St Barts

We will help you find the right flower setting for any occasion on St Barts.

We can organise table arrangements, gift bouquets for your loved ones, as well as decorating your yacht or villa on St Barts from top to bottom with flowers.

Let Us Know What You Need

  • Flower arrangements for your wedding reception, dinner, birthday or anniversary
  • Pre-deliver roses or orchids with your choice of Champagne
  • Flowers to embellish your villa, hotel room or yacht on St Barts
  • Flower ensembles for your party or meetingst barts flowers bouquet
  • Wedding Bouquets, button holes and sprays
  • Prepared table arrangements
  • Church and Restaurant decorations
  • Rose petals for the bedroom or bathroom


Fireworks and Pyrotechnics on St Barts

The latest pyrotechnic technology is there to provide the perfect display.

Premium IV has organised firework displays for intimate private gatherings as well as large events for hotels, restaurants and yachts on St Barts.

For the smaller events, fireworks come in a pre-packaged "ready to fire" format and for the larger events,such as New Years on St Barts, fireworks are fired from a barge moored off the shore of St Barts.

Truly Impressive!

Event Decoration

Table Settings

We can offer you a vast selection of table settings to create the right mood for your event

Flowers Our floral designers will help you choose the perfect flower ensembles to create a warm and moody environment for your event Locations We would like to help you create the dream location for your event. On St Barts you will find almost any location you can dream up and we will make sure it accomodates your guests perfectly.


Lighting plays a very important part rounding off the perfect event and our experienced light designers can choose the proper lighting solution for any event.

Event Catering

Catering and Caterers for Special Events and Parties on St Barts

We have people on hand who can cater the perfect event on St Barts. From a small party to a wedding, to a huge celebration. Food can be prepared on or off site.

Caterers come with full support staff, chefs, servers, bar staff and valets.

Contact us for sample menus and suggestions.

New Years Eve

St Barts New Year Party at the Eden Rock

Surrounded by the crystal clear turquoise blue ocean, the world renowned ultra chic Caribbean island of St Barts invites you to see in the New Year with Eden Rock world-class style.

The evening starts with cocktails and drinks… followed by the finest of multi-course Gourmet Dinners in the“On the Rocks Restaurant”…then a fireworks spectacular at midnight… and then dancing till dawn on the soft pink and white coral beach by the edge of the ocean.

DJ’s from St Barts and London will provide great, repeat great, music all night long and with ultra yachts lit-up and anchored off-shore and buzzing with action, where else in the world would you rather be?

The Eden Rock – St Barts New Years Eve Party is probably the best place in the world to party this time round. Come along and join.

This extraordinary celebration provides all you need for the finest of nights.

Reserve dinner at the Eden's“On the Rocks Restaurant”.

500 Euros per person for a Gourmet Dinner and ½ bottle of Dom Pérignon per person.

Reserve your VIP Table for the After Party at the Sand Bar at 6,000 Euros per table of 6 persons.

Includes 2 bottles of crisp chilled Dom Pérignon and a Magnum of Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque all in order to start the ball rolling.