Why Go To St Barts?

What is that makes St Barts so special?

Yes, St Barts has gorgeous weather, white sand beaches and turquoise seas, however any old island in the Caribbean has all that.

The USPs (how many unique points is one allowed?) of St Barts are luxury, lifestyle, yachting, relaxation, gastronomy, health and beauty, tranquillity, security, privacy.

There is no unemployment, no poverty, no gangs, no fast-food, no casinos, no condos, no time shares, no all inclusives, no racial tension, virtually no crime and certainly no risk to personal safety, no gated resorts and no security guards…pure class basically.

It has the best hotels in the Americas, the most luxurious villas and some of the best chefs and restaurants there.

The island is French, part of the French Republic and part of the European Union.

So for a Caribbean island, we can forget limbo, beach barbecues, cruise ships, steel bands, cheap beer in go-glasses, hair braiding and henna tattoos.

On the other hand, you may find a Cabaret.

There is no building higher than a coconut tree and not a tour bus in sight.

All of this on 8 square miles with 22 beaches and over 70 restaurants, clubs and bars.

The cliché is “St Tropez in the Caribbean”, but it's frankly a lot better.