Weddings & Honeymoons

St Barts Weddings and Destination Weddings

You couldn't dream of a more romantic setting for your destination wedding than St Barts.

Whether you choose a small intimate affair to get married on St Barts, or want to bring down both families and all of your friends, your St Barts Island Wedding or Vow Renewal will be the event in your life to look back on with joy and wonderful memories.

Getting Married on St Barts

St Barts is the perfect place for both destination weddings and honeymoons. Whether you want to organize your destination wedding on our magical island or if you just want to spend a few weeks after your ceremony in paradise, we at Premium IV will spare no effort to create a memory that you will never forget.

We take care of all the details

From Priests and Ministers to Florists, cakes and massages to hair dressers, beauticians, musicians, decorations, taxis for your guests, to yacht charters, and rental cars your Premium IV St Barts personal assistant will be available 24/7.

If you are need a Priest or Minister on St Barts, just let us know and we can arrange for you to have that person available for the occasion.

  • On-going consultation and advice - planning timeline, checklists and scheduling.
  • All vendor arrangements, contracts and final payments.
  • Wedding planning of the theme, style, colour, menu selections and reception room layout, set-up and guest seating arrangements.
  • Wedding guest accommodation arrangements and island tourist information.
  • Wedding rehearsal and dinner planning.
  • On your wedding day your Premium IV personal assistant will be on site and at your disposal for the wedding and reception.

Weddings, Priests, Ministers and Rabbis

Getting Married on St Barts

If you are in need of a Priest, Minister or Rabbi on for your wedding on St Barts, just let us know and we can arrange for you to have that person available for the occasion.

For those of the Christian faith, there are Anglican and Catholic ministers on St Barts, and in the past, we have brought ministers from other confessions in from neighbouring islands, including Baptists and Methodists.

Rabbis will generally accompany the family from their home town, however arrangements can be made for a Rabbi to be flown in and accommodated on St Barts.

We also provide non-religious Lay Officiants.

Anything is possible, with a little organization.

Consultations on the form of the wedding ceremony on St Barts are extensive, and the ceremony can be as traditional or informal as you choose.

Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography and photographers on St Barts

The pick of the most experienced wedding photographers on St Barts, and off island as well.

We can put you together with the professional photographer to shoot your St Barts wedding the way you want it.

From the arrival of your guests, the rehearsal dinner, the preparations of the bride and groom, the wedding ceremony and celebrations, your professional photographer will be on the spot to capture the moment.

Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers and florists on St Barts

Premium IV works with only the best florists on St Barts, and we can guarantee that your flowers will be perfect for your wedding.

From the Bride's bouquet, to button holes, to wedding venue decoration, to table arrangements for the wedding reception to rose petals to sprinkle on the aisle.

Wedding Caterers

Catering and caterers for weddings on St Barts

Expert St Barts wedding planning from the rehearsal dinner, post ceremony cocktails hors d'oeuvres and the wedding banquet.

We have experience with the best caterers on the island and can coordinate each and every event for you.

Premium IV has organized many weddings on St Barts, from very elaborate, to very simple and intimate.

References available on Request.

Wedding Advice

Advice on getting married on St Barts

DO be realistic about your hair & makeup options While a St Barts wedding is be a dream come true, tropical breezes, heat and humidity can do damage to hair and makeup. When planning a St Barts destination wedding, take the elements into consideration before choosing your hairstyle. Listen to the experts provided by Premium IV. For a beach or other outdoor ceremony, seriously consider an up-do. This tried and true style will keep you looking polished all night. If you are determined to wear your locks down, Premium IV's stylist will spend the day with you touching up your makeup and hair so you do not have a tangled and messy do by the time you enter the reception.

DO dress appropriately While most people cannot imagine anything but a tuxedo, anything that is black or made of woollen is not a good idea. This may look good in good in pictures, however your groom passing out. Think of more of a St Barts island feel and a lightweight linen suit.

DO entertain your guests A St Barts destination wedding is more complex than a wedding back home, you have invited your friends and family to a wedding, but they are also on vacation. Have Premium IV plan activities for them, boat trips, island tours, cocktails, meals together at restaurants.

DON’T feel obliged to plan every minute On the other hand, guests are on vacation, too. Do provide them with activity options and a short itinerary for the week so they know where to find you. However, definitely allow them time to explore the St Barts on their own.

DO be flexible Whether it is about the minister or the décor, recognize that with a St Barts destination wedding you may not have as many options when it comes to clergy, photographers, even flowers. If you are set on a Lutheran minister or an 8mm cinematographer, recognize that Premium IV may have to fly someone in to handle these tasks. Ultimately, approaching the event by being flexible will relieve stress on everyone’s part and save you some money as well.

DON’T go it alone Never plan a St Barts destination wedding on your own. In doing so, you are risking disappointments such as your cake not showing up, flowers being late, etc.. Premium IV are there to make sure everything runs smoothly.

DO trust the experts Once you’ve found Premium IV to handle your day, trust your judgment and their guidance, especially in a location where you may or may not have visited. While things like the direction of the setting sun and timing of high tide may not be of concern to you, it will definitely be on the mind of your wedding planner , who are ultimately there to ensure you have a flawless wedding day.

DON’T expect everyone you invite to attend Traveling is expensive and because of this, expect a certain percentage of your guests to decline your invite. While this can be initially disappointing, it will make for a much more intimate celebration.

DO embrace the culture St Barts life is like no other. Because of this, you would be doing your guests an injustice if you did not introduce them to the unique culture of this beautiful French island.

Wedding Legality

The legalities of getting married on St Barts

Nearly all of wedding ceremonies we organize on St Barts are blessings, with the couple having been previously married in their home country.

Under French law, the Mayor's Office is the only place on St Barts where you can get married, and the residency requirements are rather tough (listed below).

Organizing Blessings and Religious Ceremonies apart from the Civil Legal Wedding is quintessentially French.

Thousands get married in Church, although the religious ceremony has no legal status.

The wedding in the home country is generally a quiet civil affair with a larger event with friends and family on St Barts, which is where Premium IV come in.

Premium IV St Barts can work with the Catholic and Episcopalian Ministers on St Barts to organize your Wedding on the Island.

For spiritual, religious weddings and renewal of vows on St Barts the following protocol is generally followed.

Roman Catholic Weddings on St Barts

If the couple are Roman Catholic and want to bring a minister onto St Barts, they need to seek the permission of Pere Numa. Premium IV will provide all of the contact information necessary, and will act as an intermediary, however direct contact between the couple, their Priest and Pere Numa is ideal.

Roman Catholic Church. Letter of Good Conduct (including certification of "single status").

Anglican/Episcopalian Weddings on St Barts

If the couple are Anglican/Episcopalian and want to bring a minister onto the island, they need to seek the permission of Rev Charles Vere Nicoll, St Barts Anglican Church. Again Premium IV will provide all of the contact information necessary.

Couples coming here for their spiritual, religious ceremony have to present the presiding priest with their marriage certificate before Reverend Vere Nicoll can undertake the wedding.

For other denominations and religions, we work with both Ministers from nearby islands and with the Minister you may wish to bring to St Barts

Requirements for a legal wedding on St Barts

  • Birth certificate (or copy with raised seal)
  • Letter of Good Conduct (including certification of "single status")
  • Residency Card (one of the couple must have resided on the island at least one month)
  • Medical Certificate (including blood test) issued within 3 months of marriage
  • Certified French translation of English documents.
  • A "Bulletin de Marriage" is delivered at ceremony. No fee is involved.


St Barts Honeymoon and Honeymoon Planners

St Barts is voted one of the most romantic places on the planet year in year out. How could you top the combination of the romance of the French with the laid back style of the Caribbean?

There are few honeymoon packages on St Barts, however Premium IV is here to help you create the St Barts honeymoon of your dreams from scratch. From advising you on the most romantic place to stay on St Barts, to assisting you with your transportation, intimate dinners, pampering massages and the secret nooks and crannies of St Barts.

Don't leave anything to chance; speak to a friendly expert on St Barts honeymoons.