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St Barts Airport Transfers Arrival Service


     Transfers through from Sint Maarten is St Barts is notorious. Beyond the usual complications at an international airport, the planes to St Barts are small, and St Barts airport closes at sunset. Bad weather at your point of departure, and the same in the Caribbean can complicate matters further.

It is part of the price to be paid to keep St Barts special.

We have professional staff on both St Barts and St Maarten, to ease your transit, and to be by your side in any eventuality.

Take a look at the prices, larger groups can be catered for on request. Prices are per group, not per person.


VIP Jetbridge Greeting. We will meet you as you disembark your plane

   Sint Maarten to St Barts    
   1 - 2 people 220€   
   3 - 5 people 340€   
  6 - 9 people 660€  

Meet and Greet Service. We will meet you at the transfer desk on Sint Maarten

   Sint Maarten to St Barts    
   1 - 2 people 180€   
   3 - 5 people 240€   
  6 - 8 people 340€  
  Extra passenger 50€  
   St Barts to Sint Maarten   
   1 - 2 people 200€   
   3 - 5 people 300€   
  6 - 8 people 400€  
  Extra passenger 50€  


(This service is for a combined service on Sint Maarten and St Barts only, we offer similar services on neighbouring islands, prices upon request. 50% cancellation fee 72 hours before arrival. 100% with 24 hours, service can be rebooked at no extra charge)

If you reserve your VIP SERVICE round trip with us booking either prvate charter flights or with SB Commuter you will get 12% discount

The VIP service is free with many villas booked through Premium Island Vacations



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VIP Service Description

On arrival on your way to St Barts

  • You will reach the Sint Maarten Airport Terminal either by a shuttle bus from the tarmac or by jetway from the plane directly into the terminal.

  • Either way you go to the Transfer Information Desk, before immigration and passport control, where you will be met by one of our staff who will get you to St Barts with the minimum of fuss. Your contacts on Sint Maarten are Rinaldo and Richard Rogers

  • Your hand luggage will be carried for and your checked luggage tags will be taken from you and your luggage checked onto your connecting flight to St Barts.

  • Should there be any delays or cancellations, or your luggage not make the connecting flight, you have experienced staff on both St Barts and St Maarten looking after you.

  • On arrival on St Barts, you will be just outside the arrivals hall by a Premium IV representative, your luggage will be carried and you will be taken to your accommodation and rental car providers.

  • Should your bags be delayed by the connecting airline* we will deliver them to your villa or hotel on St Barts at no extra charge.

On Departure From St Barts

We will pick up your luggage from your place of stay on St Barts, take your passports and tickets from you and go through the preliminaries of checking you in.

  • You can come to the airport with us, or organize meeting there at a later time.

  • When we meet at St Barts airport, we will finalize the check-in procedure, help you with customs forms, carry your hand luggage and stay nearby until your flight from St Barts to Sint Maarten departs.

  • On arrival in St Maarten, again, you will be met at the Transfer Information desk, your hand luggage will be carried for you and your checked luggage collected.

  • We try to have you checked onto your onbound flight before you arrive, however this cannot be guaranteed.

  • You will be taken through passport control and security.

  • Departure tax formalities will be taken care of on your behalf.

Private boat and ferry transfers are handled in almost the same way

St Barts ferries and power boat charters

If you miss your connection, we will endeavor to get your rebooked on a later flight, organize a private charter flight, book a ferry, or if the worst comes to the worst, find you a hotel for the night, and rearrange your travel arrangements for the next day.

You are in the hands of experts

*This happens and is something over which we have no control. We advise you to have your first night's change of clothing and toiletries in your hand luggage. Our personnel on Sint Maarten will expedite your bags from there, and our staff on St Barts will deliver any delayed luggage to you place of stay as soon as it arrives on St Barts.

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St Barts Airport Transfers Arrival Service

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