VIP Airport Transfer Service Details

What's included in our VIP Airport Transfers and Standard Meet & Greet Services.

Meet and Greet Service

On Arrival

You will reach the Sint Maarten airport terminal by a shuttle bus from the tarmac, or by jetway from the plane into the terminal, and need to make your way to the Transfer Information Desk.

Our team in Sint Maarten will:

  • help you through Immigration and Passport Control
  • carry your hand luggage
  • check in your bags for transfer to St Barts
  • manage your travel plans or luggage in the event of delays or cancellations.

When you arrive in St Barts, our Premium IV staff will meet you outside the arrivals hall, carry your luggage and either show you to your car rental provider or take you directly to your St Barts accommodation.

If your luggage is delayed by the connection airline, we will deliver to your St Barts hotel or villa free of charge.*

Upon Departure

You can come to the airport with us, or organize a convenient time to meet our team there.

We can provide the following services to help with your departure from St Barts:

  • Collect your luggage from your St Barts accommodation
  • Look after passports and tickets to help with check-in
  • Help with customs forms
  • Carry any hand luggage
  • Stay at the airport until your flight, in case you need anything else.

When you land on St Maarten, we will:

  • meet you at the Transfer Information desk
  • carry your hand luggage and help with your checked-in bags
  • deal with departure tax
  • and, take you through passport control and security.

We will try to have you checked-in for your outbound flight before you arrive, however, this cannot be guaranteed.


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If you miss your connection, we will do everything we can to rebook a later flight, organize a private charter flight, book a ferry or even find a hotel for the night before making arrangements for the next day, if necessary.

*Although rare, this does happen sometimes and is outside of our control. It’s a good idea to have your first night’s clothing and toiletries in your hand luggage. When your luggage arrives, will we deliver it to you on St Barts straight away.

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