St Barts Bartender

Bartender & Waiter Service offers you professional bartender and waiter for your private party in villa or yacht.

Several options are available: 

  • Cocktail Bar”  We take care of everything… just enjoy your party! 
  • High end mobile bar set where you wish.  -
  • Classic cocktails and refreshing creations. -
  • Fruits, veggies, herbs, flowers, and spices, for new tastes in Mixology.
  • Cocktails prepared in accordance to your party or theme.
  • A unique cocktail created especially for your event, the “Signature cocktail”.
  • A choice of Mojito, Mule, Caïpirinha, Daiquiri, Margarita, Martini, Bellini...

60.00 € /person   (minimum of 12 persons) 
Our price includes: - High end lighting mobile bar - Bar & Service equipment - Glassware - Coolers & Ice  - Premium alcohol & liquors - Juices, soft drinks, fresh fruits, bitters…  for a party of 5 hours. 

“Masterclass Cocktail” 

This course is designed for anyone wishing to have a fun-filled, enjoyable time while Mastering the Art of preparing elaborate cocktails.  
The workshop is led by a professional Bartender and Mixologist, who will share with you all the secrets of his passion: The World of Cocktails.  
A selection of different themes will be covered. (The Great Classic bar, Prohibition, Innovation). 
A brief history and an overview of bar equipment will be done before starting the session. 
All glassware, utensils and ingredients for the preparation of cocktails are supplied. 
We shall prepare three cocktails per person according to the chosen theme. 
For even good cheer, the last cocktail will be accompanied by finger snacks! 
Courses are taught in French & English. 
Duration: 1h30 - Groups of 5 to 12 guests. 
70.00 €/person all inclusive 
Maître d’hôtel/Waiter/Bartender 45€/per hour 


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