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Massages on St Barts :Choose from Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Therapeutic, and Deep Tissue Massage, you can even book these treatments online using the form below.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the basis of all Western forms of massage. This whole body massages uses oils to alleviate stiffness and fatigue, improve circulation, and promote a calm mind, and body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is generally slow than a Swedish massage treatment. It uses slow strokes and deep pressure to release specific muscles and areas of tightness, the technique goes deeper into muscles and other areas to release chronic tension which may have developed from injury or overuse.

Therapeutic Massage

Only undertaken by fully trained and licenced therapists, therapeutic massage will relieve pain, stress, and improve health and well being by mobilizing soft tissues.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is sometimes known as yoga massage as it consists of combining deep massage with stretching movements. A thai massage therapist will use hands, knees and feet to assist in creating these yoga postures. You should wear comfortable clothes, and the treatment is performed on padded floor mats. Some people say it feels like practicing yoga without the exertion.

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St Barts Massage Therapies

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