Yacht Provisioning on St Barts

Premium IV St Barts provides the best in the high levels of service required by yacht owners and charters clients, as well of course, looking after the crew.

If it exists on St Barts we will find it.

For yachts docking in St Barts, we are most commonly asked for perishable goods that can't be stocked on board, as well as bulk goods such as water and bathroom supplies.

We hand pick everything. Each piece of fruit and each vegetable, or box of eggs will have been inspected.

We have access to the best fresh meat and butchers on St Barts while your yacht is in harbour.

Beef, chicken, veal and pork. Organic hormone free produce is available. Again, everything is personally inspected before delivery.

Fresh local fish are readily available on St Barts, and frozen fish and seafood from Europe and North America.

We have a 60€ per hour flat fee and a 5% set up charge

St Barts Yacht Provisioning and Supplies

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